IMG_20170806_000530_823Who am I? I’m Evana, just a teen with some messy hair and a passion for life. You’ll get to know me more with each post I publish.

What is Anave? For me right now it is an outlet for my abundance of thoughts. So, reader, be prepared for 1 a.m. thoughts, 2 a.m. poems, and 3 am rants. I figured instead of storing these voluntary ideas on a secret little folder on my computer I would express them on a platform. On a blog. On Anave.

Why “Anave” you ask?  Spell it backwards and you’ll figure it out. Be prepared for not only spontaneous thoughts, but also my day to day adventures. This blog will motivate me to go out and thrift, explore cities, explore nature, and meet as many new people as possible. (And definitely travel when I’m not 17 and broke!)