Landscape: A Photo Collection by Eera Madahar

How long have you been taking photos? Did anyone inspire you to get into photography?
I have been taking photos since April 2015 because I got my camera on my birthday. I wasn’t inspired by anybody specifically to get into photography; instead I started to develop a new perspective on what was around me, so it felt necessary capture as many moments as possible before my perspectives changed again.
What kind of camera do you use? 
The cameras I use are a Nikon D3300 along with a Vivitar V3800N film camera. 
For the Nikon I usually stick to the 18-55mm lens. My Vivitar uses a 28-55mm lens, but both cameras use a UV filter on the lenses to filter out excess UV rays from images. 
Why does landscape photography specifically interest you?
Landscape photography interests me the most because I believe that there are so many different ways to capture the same area that no two pictures could ever look the same. I also find it very relaxing especially during the school year when the work becomes overwhelming. 
What advice would you give to others interested in taking up photography as a hobby? 
For others interested in photography I would tell them to go easy on themselves and their work, especially in the beginning, because pictures won’t always turn out the way you want them. I would also say to play around with various styles and techniques to make the work more unique rather than jumping on the bandwagon of generic photography. 

If you are interested in seeing more of her photography click here!




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