Destroy Self Doubt

Photographer: Tamarcus Brown

Doubt. As a result of being human, we tend to question ourselves a lot. We feel uncertain about every emotion we feel, every decision we make. We feel unsure as to how we are living our life. And while it is okay to question things here and there, as it can help us change and grow, it is not good to doubt. Questioning and doubting are two completely different actions. Doubt has a major negative connotation and acts as a restriction on our journey of self improvement. We find ourselves thinking our opinions are invalid, that we are too much of this and not enough of that. We pick at every part of us, even the parts we thought we liked, because we think we are fooling ourselves if we actually embrace them. We compare our worst to someone else’s best and give up. This is a harmful and limiting behavior to have constantly picking at you. Now, I’m not saying we can completely erase doubt out of our lives forever, we are human and doubt is just one of those things we’re going to have to face throughout various phases of our lives. We can, however, manage it so it doesn’t consume us. So how can we do this exactly? I’ve got three steps to help you crush these mocking thoughts. Recognize, evaluate, and let go. Recognize your doubtful thoughts and realize they are just that, thoughts. They are not physical, they are not facts. Your doubts are not your destiny. So don’t act like they are. When doubts like  “I’m never going to become an artist, I’m not unique enough” or “I’m not going to get into that college, I’m not smart enough” pop into your head, simply recognize that they are nothing more than a jumble of words in your mind. Evaluate just how foolish these thoughts are by focusing on reasons you could accomplish whatever you are doubting. For example, “I can totally become an artist, I’m creative and constantly practicing to improve my work. Over the next few years I’ll have my own style down.” or “I could totally get into that college if I put my mind to it, I am a hard worker and ready to do what it takes” . Recognizing and evaluating these doubts helps you let go and limit the control they have over your life. So next time you find yourself lying in bed with a mind full of skepticism and worry, just recognize, evaluate, and let go.



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