Be Concerned, Be Aware

It’s nearly 2 a.m. and my mind is full of thoughts regarding the country I live in. With Trump being put into office just this past Friday, I’m feeling a lot of emotions. I feel many things. I feel concerned. I feel upset. I feel angry. While I like to consider myself a girl that sees the glass half full, I also consider myself a female citizen who sees reality– and the reality America is facing is not the best. The man in office has already been altering America in just these past few days. He has reinstated what is known as the “global gag rule”, a ban on international access to abortion counselling. This has a terrifying and even fatal effect on women in developing countries. Those who identify as strictly “pro-life” need to recognize that even more lives are being lost as a result of this policy being restored by Trump. This ban does not stop women from having abortions, it prevents them from having safe abortions.20170125_015342.png

His administration has also removed LGBTQ+ Rights AND global warming off of as issues. The Spanish version of the website has also been lost. These actions already show what values Trump and his administration will be running our government based on. This also reveals we need to speak out against these actions and protect our beliefs. We need to be angry. If you aren’t angry, you aren’t concerned. In other words, if you are unhappy with the government’s actions, you need to speak out about it. We need to educate ourselves on what our government is doing and how it affects not only us but those around us.

Please take a few moments to read through some of these. Form your opinions and SHARE THEM.


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